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    Mech Marines: 2 - 0
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    Latest game: Primary win for T6'R'Us Tyranids over Shooty BT:
    3-1 TQ to Tyranids
    1-0 objectives to Tyranids
    4-3 KP to Tyranids
    1255-1079 VP to Black Templars

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3++ is a gaming blog focused on tactics and analysis of Warhammer 40,000/40k and Warhammer Fantasy. This however, isn’t 3++ which can be found here on blogger. What this site on WordPress is about is showing off my own and other author’s armies. We’re awesome like that.

If you’d like to contact me please do so at the following e-mail address: kirbys40kblog@gmail.com If the content is relating to the Painting Side of 3++, please indicate this in the subject title. I.e. Picture of my army – Painting Side, otherwise I will assume they are for 3++ and post them there (or simply email you back…).

All other authors can be contacted via their email links over on 3++ is the new black in the About section and you should also head there for related tactis and analytical posts.

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