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Da Waaagh of fester

Gents, Gals, Squigs, Grots, and the Orky populace.

Follow, if you will, as I work through a Speed Freaks army for the 2011 tournament season.

Depending on a few things, I am staring down the barrel of:

4 Trukks, 2-5 Battlewagons, 9 Buggies, 3 more Kans, 44 Boyz, 10 Nobs and a KFF Mek.

Here is the first 2 models, a kitbash Trukk and my first buggy.

 Old School Trukk, wedged between 2 Leman Russ Tracks with a basic rollcage.

 Deffkopta based buggy! This got a few more suspension struts and is current mid-painting. 

9 Responses to “Da Waaagh of fester”

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  2. SBarrett said

    I really like that buggy. Might have to steal your brilliant idea! Maybe pilfer a Battlewagon I am not using for the wheels.

    • fester40k said

      Yeah the wheels are the tricky bit, though bits sites do sell just wheels from the Trukk and BW kits.

      That’s my next issue, wheels for 8 more buggys.

  3. Mathieu said

    That’s a cool kopta to buggy conversion. Couls you take pictures how how you did the suspension arms system?

    • fester40k said

      The suspension so far is just plasticard box section glued to the bottom. Updated pics show the rudimentary struts put in for “looks” moreso than anything else

  4. AbusePuppy said

    I’m lovin’ that Buggy. Trukk looks good so far, but will have to see more to give anything for sure.

  5. Polymorphine said

    WTB more pics of the trukk

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