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Blood Hammer versus Tyranids (Kirby v Puppy!)

Posted by Kirby on 26/12/2010

So Puppy and I did a game today on Vassal for Christmas fun… basically some more Centurion practice for me. AbusePuppy was using Tyranids in a Neozilla list and since Vassal is fail and only one army has T-Fex models, I ran my Blood Hammer list. We played mission 1 of Centurion which is spearhead with Table Quarters -> Objectives -> KP -> VP. I’m not going to do a full bat-rep because it’s on Vassal but will give some highlights and a beginning picture and endgame picture. Here are the lists (bolded units are KP):

Tyrant, OA, HVC, LW/BS, Parox, Leech
2 Guard
3 HG
2 HG
2 HG
10 Gants
10 Gants
1 Tervi (Cat, Cluster Adrenal, Tox)
1 Tervi
1 Harpy (HVC)
1 Harpy (HVC)
1 Tyrannofex (Rupture, Cluster, ESG)

Libby w/Jump Pack, Blood Lance, Shield
Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack, Lightning Claw
Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack, Lightning Claw
Sanguinary Priest
5x Sanguinary Guard w/Power Fist, infernous pistol
5x Sanguinary Guard w/Power Fist, infernous pistols
10x Assault Marines w/2x meltagun, Power Fist
10x Assault Marines w/2x meltagun, Power Fist
5x Assault Marines w/meltagun, melta-bombs
5x Devastators w/4x Missile Launchers
5x Devastators w/3x Missile Launchers
5x Devastators w/3x Missile Launchers

In the end I should of picked the Tervigons as KP but wanted to dissuade Puppy from using them in combat…it didn’t work lol. Puppy also was unable to really make a dent against my Devastators and probably should of picked the KP he was most likely to engage. It didn’t matter in the end. Puppy won roll and gave it to me and I picked the top right corner to minimise the hiding spots for the Hive Guard. It limited the view my Devs had as I kept them clumped together (I couldn’t see into the bottom right of the board) but gave me good firing lanes into his quarter. I combat squaded my ASM and reserved 3 combat squads all with meltaguns and one Priest. I started the rest of the ASM with no meltaguns and sarges on the board. This allowed me to get the PFists into combat early and drop the melta where needed. Puppy deployed in the usual style for Tyranids with his gants providing cover to HG providing cover to his MCs. He failed to sezie (phew).

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Pictures from Battle Bunker!

Posted by Kirby on 16/12/2010

Well kids, here are the pictures of the full game I got in with my Marines today against my Tyranids…played by Vince. Was another close game with Marines eeking it out. It’d be nice if I got to go first for once instead of Vince not seizing…

battle report on 3++ en route but for now enjoy the pics!


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