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Lauby’s Models

Lauby is some whacko over in America but he paints quite well. You may know him from his personal blog, Laubersheimer Industries or the ever crazy, House of Paincakes (he’s the co-founder but we give all credit to Dethtron). Here are some assorted minis of his which he has requested go up on his very own personal page. For this I got put onto the best HoP blogroll there is… Maybe he’ll even come along and do an article or two about painting. Don’t count on it though and until then, enjoy his minis!


Baal Predator:




Iron Warriors:

2 Responses to “Lauby’s Models”

  1. TKE said

    Lovely stuff. Particularly enjoyed Iron Warriors, who I had not seen before.

  2. fuklaw said

    Someone had the same idea as me, to use Solar macharius model as an Inquisitor.

    Great models by the way

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