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Pictures from Battle Bunker!

Posted by Kirby on 16/12/2010

Well kids, here are the pictures of the full game I got in with my Marines today against my Tyranids…played by Vince. Was another close game with Marines eeking it out. It’d be nice if I got to go first for once instead of Vince not seizing…

battle report on 3++ en route but for now enjoy the pics!


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Winner of FNIF Round 40

Posted by Kirby on 13/12/2010

BTW, just thought I’d point out I won the latest FNIF (40) without actually being included in Dethtron’s ever hilarious snowmobiling. Apparently 41 people think they are me and believed I should win. Go me =D. Finally, after all the intentional rigging and backstabbing by Dethtron, I win a FNIF! Let this past week live in infamy.

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Mech Marines versus Immo-Spam Witchunters Battle Report Pictures

Posted by Kirby on 09/12/2010

Here are some extra pictures and the full bat-rep series for my recent game against Vince. Full bat-rep with analysis will be up on 3++ is the new black and I will link when appropriate.



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BroLo; we <3 you

Posted by Kirby on 09/12/2010

Oh please Dr. BroLo, please come post your models here because of your awesome weekly hobby posts. Pwease?


P.S. <– I think she’s your type. I wonder what company her dad is the CEO of lol (zing!)

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Clarification and Call Out for Army Pictures

Posted by Kirby on 08/12/2010

Just so everyone understands, this isn’t replacing ANY 3++ content whatsoever. 3++ is staying the exact same. However, some of you may recall the concept I had with the My Armies section which hasn’t really worked well for pictures. It’s been great for Army Lists and stuff but not so much more displaying armies or changes. This is what this site is for. It gives me access to some more pages and I can post up half-arsed WIP pics because I don’t paint quickly. Tutorials/conversions will all still be done on 3++ but stuff I’d normally post in my Warseer painting blog will be done here. Hopefully the other authors who join will also do things like this, too! Furthermore, information on particular armies such as fluff and background will be posted here and importantly: galleries. I essentially want 3++ the Painting Side to be a huge and organised (key word) gallery for 3++ authors and anyone else who is so included.

Since this crazy idea is based around pictures, army progression, etc. this is a call out for you to send me army pics, unit pics, army progress shots, etc. The more the merrier.

Obviously I will be putting my stuff up here as it gets done and hopefully people like Vince, Rupert and Koopa will as well but I don’t want this to be limited to just 3++ authors. We’ve already got some of Lauby’s pics up (with his permission and some chocolate bribing…) and we want more! So send them in to kirbys40kblog@gmail.com and they can join the gallery or get their own post! When you do so, please indicate in the title they are pictures for this blog otherwise I’ll email you back! And you don’t want that…

Anyway, you can also see my Tyranid and some Marine photos/fluff are up which I will be updating with some better ones hopefully on the weekend. I’m currently working on my SM as well so this should be updated more as well. Hopefully will get in some games this week which I’ll post pictures of up here and analysis on 3++.

Remember, this isn’t 3++ but rather an offshoot really for my own personal pleasure and to make it easier on you guys to ensure you get the content you want where you want it. Hobby articles will still be posted on 3++ but they will have a purpose. Any other ideas for the new blog would be great but just wanted to clear the air there!

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Posted by Kirby on 07/12/2010

Hi kids. You’re probably wondering wtf is happening right? Well I’ll tell you… Nick from Blood of Kittens (TastyTaste to you) attempted to swoon me into becoming part of his network…which I don’t really want to do, sorry mate! However, in attempting to swoon me I got to see WordPress which…well it’s both awesome and annoying as all hell. I like the way 3++ is, it’s really easy to modify things and whilst sometimes it screws up…a lot (see editing), the ease of use, flexibility and customisation are what make it attractive. So what does WordPress bring? Well it looks cool and I think it’s mildly easier to navigate and if I spent a whole bunch of time working on it, I would probably find it as easy to use as Blogger. However, I don’t have the time, inclination or money to do so (you need to buy a domain to get all the cool stuff which I don’t think I’m comfy doing currently).

Why the hell are we all here then? Well as I said I think WordPress is just that wee bit easier to navigate and as I’m sure some of you have noticed, it can be hard to find stuff on 3++. Also with a bit of HTML knowledge or Blogger use, individual pages and posts are quite easy to format (without said knowledge it’s just as bad as blogger). Don’t worry, the archiving I’ve done there will remain the same but I think a transference of some content might be in order. Namely, the painting and modelling stuff. Don’t worry again, this will all be archived and posted on 3++. However, due to the above reasons I think army progress for myself and any authors so inclined will be post here, sort of like a forum painting blog but with obvious connections to 3++. This will also be great to generate Gallerys of our models (you can already see some of John’s [aka Lauby]) or have extra battle-report pictures posted.

Again, don’t worry! 3++ will stay the same and you don’t really need to come here at all unless you want to look at some cool pictures and crap. As time goes on I might transfer more or less to and from the two blogs but the Blogger one will be the primary ‘hub’ so to speak.

Anyway, thoughts and suggestions would be fantastic as I get to work setting this up and demanding pictures from my authors :P.

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Riflemen Dreadnought Conversion

Posted by Kirby on 09/11/2010

 Here are some WIP pictures of my Riflemen Dreadnought conversion. The plasticard arms are a bit too big on the AoBR model so they’ll be moved to a normal Dreadnought and will be using less plasticard for this blue kiddo. C&C welcome.

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