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RBack update…

Posted by Kirby on 22/03/2011


12 Responses to “RBack update…”

  1. Kirby said

    Too boxy?

  2. AntiNomad said


  3. fester said

    No. Don’t.

    If you have to cowel them, look at the traditional RB covers

    Leave them bare, and do cabling!

    • Kirby said

      What if it was lower?

      And what do you use for cabling?

      • Keith said

        Guitar String?

        • oldgrue said

          Its too high, too boxy, and desperately needs cabling and ammo boxes.
          The vertical post appears to be maybe 1 mil and probably needs to be laminated to 3 mil to look right.

          Cabling can be done with guitar string and look exquisite, but that only applies to power and the like rising from the turret base.

  4. maddoc said

    They look a little bit to high. If you remove the gap above the guns so they line up with the cover it would look a alot better.

    For further detailing i would go with a rim around the cover and a Imperial/SM symbol on the top of it.

  5. artemi7 said

    I agree that they look a little too high. It looks like they are too spindly, currently, and also a little like you are trying to game for a better shot. Cut down the height, or add some stuff underneath so it looks more like it’s naturally been built up that high.

  6. oldgrue said

    I’ll get you better photos tonight with the mantlets in place – they hide the plasma pistols fairly well.

  7. Antebellum said

    I would suggest trying to fit the assault cannons onto the current razorback turrets. Of course that assumes that you have spare turrets. I agree that it is too high. I would also suggest something to cover the space above the top of the guns.

  8. Kirby said

    I’m scratching building because of the lack of turrets indeed!

    I was planning on lowering them all the same and have done so and what I’m aiming to do is magnetise the guns so they sort of hang off the top of the ‘box’ aspect. I’ll be adding ammoboxes, chapter symbols and rivets once I get the shape of it down right. I’ve currently sanded down the edges so it isn’t a literal box and will post up some pictures soon hopefully. I need to get access to some wiring though to fill out the bottom.

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