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More pictures from readers: WIP Angels Encarmine

Posted by Kirby on 10/01/2011

Following up on the latest set of pictures we have here a lot of WIP shots from Jesse of his Angels Encarmine. Check his email here:

“Hey Kirby,

I’ve heeded your call for army pictures.  I’ve attached a bunch of pics from my in progress Angels Encarmine.  I’m a slow painter as well, and I don’t have a ton of time to paint each week, so progress has been slow.

I’m running a Jumpers army that will eventually include bikers for Blood Rodeo.  You posted my 1000 pt list a couple weeks ago on your normal blog and I used it in a tournament last weekend and ended up 1-2 🙂  I’m not giving up though!  I beat a space wolves player, but got beat by a C:SM ravenwing list and an ork foot list (40 boyz, 6 kans, big mek, nobz and warboss).  Not sure there was any chance that I could beat the orks, but I deployed wrong against the ravenwing.  I think I’m going to be adding Sanguniary Guard when we increase to 1250 pts.

Anyway, onto the pictures.  The chaplain, two sergeants, and death company hammerer are basically finished.  I’ve put the basecoat and washes on the tactical marines and the assault marines (except their head).  I’ve also done that for all of the assault marine arms and shoulder pads.  I’ll probably be basecoating the rest of the marines, the veterans, and the honour guard next, just so opponents can tell the difference between them, haha.

Well, feel free to put these up in whatever way you choose.  If you want more information or more writing, let me know.

Jesse / Antebellum”

So here are the pictures! Hope you enjoy them :).


2 Responses to “More pictures from readers: WIP Angels Encarmine”

  1. Antebellum said

    Thanks for posting these Kirby. I’ll have a few more once soon. I just finished three of the assault marines and will be working on the Librarian now.

    Criticism and comments are welcome 🙂


  2. Eric said

    Very nice work on the Death company member. The white looks excellent!

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