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Pictures from readers!

Posted by Kirby on 09/01/2011

I’ve got a couple of articles coming up with some pictures submitted by readers. I’ve been really slack with getting them posted so apologies for the delays!

The first set of pictures are from Steven who sent in this email:

“A while back I had emailed in asking for help with a mechanized CSM army I was painting up as Night Lords.

One of the suggestions was to try it out using Blood Angels, so I borrowed the codex from a friend and explored your BA Jumper articles. I tried out a few things and decided I really liked the style. Very aggressive and in your face, which is a good turn around from playing Hide and Seek with my Tau. So I started the modeling. The cash flow ran dry until after the holidays, when I will be adding jump packs courtesy of MaxMini
The conversions are pretty basic. The Sanguinary Guard have the polearms from Fantasy Chaos Knights as Glaive Encarmines. I was going to order some fancy old style FW Boltguns for Angelus Bolters, but didn’t want to spring for them. So I stuck with regular bolters and stuck them on one handed. Plenty of head swaps were done with the Chaos Fantasy range. Several of the Vanguard and Sang Guard also use Chaos Knight chest pieces.
The Vanguard Veterans have storm shields courtesy of the chaos fantasy Knights and Warriors.
The Sanguinary Priest has a head swap from the Fantasy Chaos Warrior kit…which is one expensive bit btw. Plus a narthecium arm I had on a loyalist.

Hope you like. These are just the final pics. Got more of them in progress if you would like.”

Here are the WIP pics and I’ve asked Steven for some more (whilst apologising as well!).

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