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Twitter and Pics

Posted by Kirby on 04/01/2011

So 3++ is now on Twitter…oh help us please! You can follow us on the go here: Twitter
For those of you who don’t know we also have a feedburner here: Feedburner
And Facebook here: Facebook

Basically I’m a network machine!

I’ve got a lot of pictures in from readers lately and Brother_Loring has put a few up on 3++ with his Monday Day Hobby Day but I will be posting them here and archiving them soon as well so keep a look out! Any others who are interested in having their work displayed, please send us emails and we’ll get them up :).
I haven’t had a chance to game lately as the missus has a couple weeks off from work so it’s her time but hopefully can get in some games soonish to decide on my Centurion list! Still tossing up all three really in terms of Tyranids, Blood Hammer and Mech Marines. Thoughts still appreciated there!

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