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BroLo; we <3 you

Posted by Kirby on 09/12/2010

Oh please Dr. BroLo, please come post your models here because of your awesome weekly hobby posts. Pwease?


P.S. <– I think she’s your type. I wonder what company her dad is the CEO of lol (zing!)

2 Responses to “BroLo; we <3 you”

  1. BroLo said

    Wow, this is a pretty site???

    If only I could actually zoom in on the pic. She does look a little like Nigella Lawson… so I’m not going to complain.

    More personal attacks huh… maybe one day you’ll learn the truth Mr Kirby.

  2. Koopa said

    She’s the CEO of hustler magazine. Tons of strippers.

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