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Clarification and Call Out for Army Pictures

Posted by Kirby on 08/12/2010

Just so everyone understands, this isn’t replacing ANY 3++ content whatsoever. 3++ is staying the exact same. However, some of you may recall the concept I had with the My Armies section which hasn’t really worked well for pictures. It’s been great for Army Lists and stuff but not so much more displaying armies or changes. This is what this site is for. It gives me access to some more pages and I can post up half-arsed WIP pics because I don’t paint quickly. Tutorials/conversions will all still be done on 3++ but stuff I’d normally post in my Warseer painting blog will be done here. Hopefully the other authors who join will also do things like this, too! Furthermore, information on particular armies such as fluff and background will be posted here and importantly: galleries. I essentially want 3++ the Painting Side to be a huge and organised (key word) gallery for 3++ authors and anyone else who is so included.

Since this crazy idea is based around pictures, army progression, etc. this is a call out for you to send me army pics, unit pics, army progress shots, etc. The more the merrier.

Obviously I will be putting my stuff up here as it gets done and hopefully people like Vince, Rupert and Koopa will as well but I don’t want this to be limited to just 3++ authors. We’ve already got some of Lauby’s pics up (with his permission and some chocolate bribing…) and we want more! So send them in to kirbys40kblog@gmail.com and they can join the gallery or get their own post! When you do so, please indicate in the title they are pictures for this blog otherwise I’ll email you back! And you don’t want that…

Anyway, you can also see my Tyranid and some Marine photos/fluff are up which I will be updating with some better ones hopefully on the weekend. I’m currently working on my SM as well so this should be updated more as well. Hopefully will get in some games this week which I’ll post pictures of up here and analysis on 3++.

Remember, this isn’t 3++ but rather an offshoot really for my own personal pleasure and to make it easier on you guys to ensure you get the content you want where you want it. Hobby articles will still be posted on 3++ but they will have a purpose. Any other ideas for the new blog would be great but just wanted to clear the air there!

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