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Posted by Kirby on 07/12/2010

Hi kids. You’re probably wondering wtf is happening right? Well I’ll tell you… Nick from Blood of Kittens (TastyTaste to you) attempted to swoon me into becoming part of his network…which I don’t really want to do, sorry mate! However, in attempting to swoon me I got to see WordPress which…well it’s both awesome and annoying as all hell. I like the way 3++ is, it’s really easy to modify things and whilst sometimes it screws up…a lot (see editing), the ease of use, flexibility and customisation are what make it attractive. So what does WordPress bring? Well it looks cool and I think it’s mildly easier to navigate and if I spent a whole bunch of time working on it, I would probably find it as easy to use as Blogger. However, I don’t have the time, inclination or money to do so (you need to buy a domain to get all the cool stuff which I don’t think I’m comfy doing currently).

Why the hell are we all here then? Well as I said I think WordPress is just that wee bit easier to navigate and as I’m sure some of you have noticed, it can be hard to find stuff on 3++. Also with a bit of HTML knowledge or Blogger use, individual pages and posts are quite easy to format (without said knowledge it’s just as bad as blogger). Don’t worry, the archiving I’ve done there will remain the same but I think a transference of some content might be in order. Namely, the painting and modelling stuff. Don’t worry again, this will all be archived and posted on 3++. However, due to the above reasons I think army progress for myself and any authors so inclined will be post here, sort of like a forum painting blog but with obvious connections to 3++. This will also be great to generate Gallerys of our models (you can already see some of John’s [aka Lauby]) or have extra battle-report pictures posted.

Again, don’t worry! 3++ will stay the same and you don’t really need to come here at all unless you want to look at some cool pictures and crap. As time goes on I might transfer more or less to and from the two blogs but the Blogger one will be the primary ‘hub’ so to speak.

Anyway, thoughts and suggestions would be fantastic as I get to work setting this up and demanding pictures from my authors :P.

6 Responses to “…hello?”

  1. Kirby said

    Oh and everyone needs to add this to their blogroll… yes everyone :).

  2. fester said

    You are crazy.

  3. fester said

    Also-autocapitalising names is FAIL

  4. artemi7 said

    Uh… hello?

  5. VIC5 said


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