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Riflemen Dreadnought Conversion

Posted by Kirby on 09/11/2010

 Here are some WIP pictures of my Riflemen Dreadnought conversion. The plasticard arms are a bit too big on the AoBR model so they’ll be moved to a normal Dreadnought and will be using less plasticard for this blue kiddo. C&C welcome.

2 Responses to “Riflemen Dreadnought Conversion”

  1. Mighty said

    That’s a cool conversion Kirby, I would have never thought of using plastic card for the outside. I ended up cutting and filing the Lascannon and Missile launcher arm for mine.

  2. Paul said

    Sweeeeet! the 4th and 5th pictures kinda remind me of a Tie Fighter/Tie Interceptor. Win win in my book!

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